Welcome to World Rep!

Experience in Chemical Industry

World Rep is an organization with decades of expertise and interests in industrial chemicals, as well as subsidiaries and related offices across the world. Our Chemicals stocking facilities are located in the Middle East's main industrial and training hubs.

Welcome to World Rep!

Policies of Excellent Quality

All of our clients with well-established ties for rapid and effective product procurement enjoy our philosophy of providing outstanding quality, consistent price, and prompt shipment.

Welcome to World Rep!

Problem solvers who are well-versed with the industry

Our field sales and project support services teams, who have extensive experience in a variety of chemical and mechanical sectors, conduct in-depth plant studies for customers over lengthy periods of time to ensure enhanced plant efficiency and profitability.

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What We Provide

Range of Chemicals catering to various needs

Our technical sales team are well-trained and skilled, with expertise in the field of industrial chemicals, and can supply you with all of the most up-to-date market and product information. Among the chemicals we provide are:

Soft drinks
and beverages

Industries of Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Industry of Food and Feed

Applications for Sewage and Water Treatment

Chemical for Oil and Gas Fields

Industries of Paper and Packaging


Chairman’s Message

Welcome to Worldrep (WR), a Saudi owned Chemical manufacturing and Trading solution. WR deals primarily with Chemical Trading and setting up manufacturing facility in Dammam for future growth, Our goal is to be major Chemical Trading company in Saudi Arabia.

Since its inception in 1992, WR has build-up an enviable track record and portfolio of commendable accomplishments by establishing decades of relationship with several leading Chemical industry in the Middle East region Currently we have some challenging projects in the Chemical industries at K.S.A.

With the completion of two decades of service to Middle East clients, WR has completed its stability phase and commenced the march to growth and prosperity with a new image which will be worthwhile for everyone with God’s grace.

So, we constantly endeavour with tremendous focus and commitment to help customers to achieve their strategic goals. We continually explore and identify new technical opportunities and help clients realize their dreams of profit driven long term solution for successful businesses. Our solutions are carefully tailored, combining industry expertise and large network of global alliances in a way that achieves the business results. This approach will be enabled WR become a local industry leader.

We conduct our business based on strong business values, corporate ethics, professional conduct, innovation, transparency, and integrity. Above all, we put clients’ interests first and guarantee strict confidentiality.

Our leadership is the result of our employees who have made WR one of the exceptional companies in our industry. Our successful track record to date has been attributable wholly to the quality of our outstanding people who have been drawn from a global pool of talent.

Today, WR comes to you with a new identity, with more supply and services to offer. We look forward to having a successful association with you.


We have the flexibility and ability to collaborate closely with our customers as they ramp commercialization of innovative goods from small batches to bigger volumes. Our technical advisors will collaborate with you to design a toll manufacturing process that meets your unique requirements. We'll create your packaging and streamline the processes of transporting your chemicals throughout the world. Packaging design for industrial uses, powder and liquid formulations, sequential and labelling, and UPC coding are among the services we provide.

When you work with a reputable chemical company, your risk becomes our challenge, which we meet every day for our customers all over the world. World Rep is your partner of choice whether you're wanting to improve a blend that's failing in the market, develop small test batches of a new design, or find a safe, long-term solution for a hazardous solution. We've been in business for 30 years and have completed hundreds of orders, so you can count on us to get the work done perfectly the first time.

All standards compliance with new rules and regulations are met by our world-class manufacturing facilities and processes, which satisfy the most stringent continuous requirements for regulatory and safety issues. World Rep has been the toll maker of choice for many years for those who want a combination of industry know-how and prompt, attentive assistance, as well as a full turnkey solution.

Group CEO
Assurance of high quality

We assess each client's specific demands and
provide thorough service to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Procuring high-quality items and dependable services that enable customers to meet their individual demands while assuring effective storage and timely delivery of products that meet consumer expectations.

Maintaining a reputation for providing dependable products and adhering to quality standards, we make every effort to achieve and sustain market leadership while keeping a strong dedication to whatever we do.

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