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We are an amalgamated Trading group with decades of experience and interests in industrial Chemicals with subsidiaries and associated offices in different parts of the world.

Our operations and stocking facilities for Chemicals at our branches below which are the most industrial and training capitals of the Middle East.

Dammam - Eastern Province - Saudi Arabia
Riyadh - Central and Capital of Saudi Arabia
Dubai - Middle East Headquarters -UAE

In addition to the stocks we maintain here, we also have well established relationships world wide for prompt and efficient sourcing of products to meet any specific chemical requirements of our customers. Our policy of ensuring excellent quality, stable pricing and prompt shipment is well appreciated by all our customers.

Our Group are problem solvers. Our teams of field sales and project support services having exceptional knowledge in various chemical and mechanical industries make exhaustive plant studies for the customer, analysing problems, offer solutions and monitor thier effectiveness over long periods of time to ensure increased plant productivity and profitability.


Our range of Chemicals cater the need of:

  • Beverages and Soft drinks
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industries
  • Food and Feed industries
  • Sewage and Water treatment Applications
  • Oil and Gas Field
  • Detergent Industries
  • Paper and Packaging Industries
  • Adhesive Industries
  • Galvanizing and Electroplating Units
  • Tanneries
  • Lab Chemicals & Equipment
  • Paint & Coating Industries.

Our well trained and capable technical sales personnel with experience in the field of industrial chemicals can provide you all the latest market and products information.

Our PSS division has expertise in the following fields of mechanical and industrial services :


Bioclean, a waste disposal system widely represented by us in GCC which is designed and manufactured by a leading environment specialist firm. Bioclean is targeted at hotels and resturants that adhere to eco-friendly standards. Biodegradedable waste, vegetables, non-vegetarian, egg shell, mutton bones, chicken bones, fish shells etc. generated during preparing food, as well as leftovers from meals can be crushed and flushed into drainage, thereby eliminating costs of storage, handling and transportation. The system is also an indispensable tool for keeping the kitchen area hygenic and environmentaly friendly. It maintains an odour-free, rodent-proof surrounding.

Bioclean completely crushes food waste into fine particles into micron size and can be directly connected to drainage or sewage systems. recycles water can also used to run the system, there by enhancing its clean and green image.